Good Deeds Can Result in Surprises

bg-truckIn my book, Sugar Creek, I describe the Gilliam Grist Mill, located on Still House Creek. I discovered the remains of the grist mill when I was a teenager with several hunting buddies, James McGill, Gerald Dockery and Gene Ward. While we were looking for spring lizards in the stream to use for trout fishing in Sugar Creek, located a half mile downstream, we found the wall that had enclosed the pond that supplied water to turn the wheel. At that time there were a few rotting boards, but they have long since disintegrated. I told my father what we had found and he told me how he would take corn there every couple of weeks to be ground at the mill when he was a child (that’s where my idea for the book originated).

Apparently the word had gotten out about my story, because one day I got a call from Dale Dyer and his research team asking me to show them the location of the old grist mill. Needless to say, I was pleased with the request and we set a time to meet at Barnes Chapel Church. Since the property is now private, I decided to go request permission from the current owner to visit the site. When I knocked on the door to the house, which is now located fifty feet from the old mill, I was surprised to see a friendly face. After a quick exchange, I discovered he and his wife had moved here from California and he agreed to allow Dale to visit the site. The more we talked, the friendlier he became and I learned he was the owner of his own construction business. A little bird reminded me that my wife had been wishing for a screened porch because she loves the outside, but doesn’t enjoy the wildlife; especially mosquitos. I asked if he did small projects and he said that was his specialty. To make a long story short, the next week he came and gave us an estimate and the following week he began work on my sweetie’s screened porch. It was a wonderful experience for us — Tom was a man of his word. He was on time, came when he said he would and was below cost on his estimate. I would highly recommend you contact TommyBuilt Remodel if you have work you need to be done.

I knew I’d done something right, because she constantly reminds me how much she loves her new space. I guess my mother was right when she told me, “Good deeds have their own reward.” Another side benefit was I had my picture in one of the local papers showing my best side — the back of my head. You know, I didn’t realize my hair was white back there, too! See you next week.

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  • Robert Daniel Hayden says:

    Dad was a Ft Sill OCS Grad in 1950 Put in Arty Hall of Fame for making Mustang 06 Rank loved to fly also won air medals from L19s in Nam
    Sent me and my brother to FUMA while he was in JCS
    I READ THE Ledger and Talking Rock and will read further. I deliver full timeUPS in Fannin Co and live inMurphy I wonder if you knew my dad Col RT Hayden

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R.J. Patterson

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When he retired from the Army as a Lt. Colonel, he had logged 22 years of active duty. He earned the Distinguished Flying Cross and Bronze Star with One Oak Leaf Cluster, and 14 air medals, among other awards.

After travelling extensively, he now lives in his hometown of Blue Ridge, Georgia. He brings an insiders knowledge of detailed military protocol and experience along with small town American values.

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